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Project Description

We can process various materials, whether it’s stainless steel, aluminum, Trespa or plastic. If you make your wishes known to us, we look for the most suitable solution for your product. Think for example of:
– Control panels;
– Front panels;
– Type Plates;
– Resopals;
– Warning;
– Codes for data communication.

After the material is milled, if desired, it can be coated with a color.
Also, a milling technique to produce loose shapes. For example, cutting individual letters or the company logo. We have different materials in stock for milling. Aluminum is widely used here, but we mill also many types of different plastics or trespassing.

Project Details

Processing materials required for milling takes some time, therefore keep in mind the time needed to finish the product and to place your order. Milling limited to 2.5D

Client: Open for order
Format: Mail or Phone
Cost: Variable