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Project Description

Laser engraving in stainless steel
During the laser engraving on the surface of stainless steel is the metal permanently discolored. This makes laser engrave highly suitable for industrial applications such as, for example, in the food industry. A proof of the high quality and the durability of the laser engraving is that the NASA components to be used in space, let laser engraving.
Also elected by brand nameplates and labels for laser engraving if a sleek and modern look is desired. Laser Engraving always gives a very detailed image, so even QR codes can be engraved.

Laser engraving on plastics
In plastic can be removed, a part of the surface of the material by means of laser engraving. The precision of the laser engraving is ideal for text, graphics and very small details. With the laser engraving machine, it is also possible to laser cut plastic. Together with other techniques in engraving and milling, it is possible to create almost any desired shape.

Project Details

Processing materials required for laser engraving takes some time, therefore keep in mind the time needed to finish the product and to place your order.

Client: Open for order
Format: Mail or Phone
Cost: Variable